Our Services


JazicoWorld has a wide range of fixed packages to choose from, from one day tours to 10-day trips. As experts in the field, we can offer a wide range of fixed package tours to ensure your holiday includes the best possible destinations

If package tours are not your cup of tea, JazicoWorld can work with you to arrange your ideal holiday. We can provide individual customised holidays and tours to meet your exact needs. You decide WHERE, HOW and HOW LONG you will travel and we make the arrangements!


If package tours are not for you, here at Jazicoworld we can offer you custom-made tours in a range of worldwide destinations. Leave it Jazicoworld to make all the arrangements and you can relax in the comfort a luxury chauffeur-driven car


Jazicoworld can arrange a wide range of cruises with world-class cruise companies to a range of international destinations. Luxury cruises allow you to visit many countries over a short period of time and still be able to return back to your own room each night! Just choice the duration and destination of your trip from our range of packages on offer